RecClix Debuts Exciting New Communications Platform for League Sports


RecClix Debuts Exciting New Communications Platform for League Sports

by Ted Lund


The second biggest complaint that administrators of municipal, travel team or scholastic sports programs get is poor communication. But a new web-based communications platform — RecClix — is changing the way sports programs communicate with coaches, officials, parents and athletes.

Featured Image“Over the course of a season, you need to communicate with the people in your programs for a variety of reasons, from routine contacts, like the location and time of tryouts, meetings, practices and games; to more improvised communications, like when practice is cancelled, a game is rescheduled or a new tournament is added to the schedule,” says RecClix  Chief Operating Officer Tim Finnegan. “Or it could be an injury situation where a parent needs to be notified, someone left equipment at the field or practice ended early due to weather. We try to address each of these communication needs and streamline the process for everybody.”

RecClix is deployed via the “cloud” so organizations don’t need to invest in additional hardware or software. Administrators can take advantage of most of RecClix’ features via their smartphone or tablet — including viewing all upcoming events as well as cancelling or rescheduling events. Administrators also have the ability to add comments and assign officials, build teams (manually or automatically).  Most importantly, they can communicate via group or individual emails or texts to coaches, referees, players, parents and coaches.

One believer is Anthony J. Anaszewicz, program supervisor for athletics for the City of Lake Forest Parks and Recreation Department, along Chicago’s North Shore.

“ReClix is a state-of-the-art, real-time communication tool making it as simple as possible to get information footballregarding program cancellations, re-scheduling and even program locations,” says Anaszewicz. “It’s essential to keep everyone informed, especially in the case of last-minute changes.  The the real-time communication features puts it right in my hands. This tool is the solution for providing vital, real-time information to parents, coaches, and everyone else involved in a program.”

Parents are raving about RecClix too.

Team mom Maria Cronin remembers a victory last year for her son’s St. Mary’s football team.

“Last year, we won a big football game and everybody was in the mood to celebrate,” says Cronin. “As everybody was leaving or in their cars, a coach sent a RecClix text to the whole team to meet at a pizza place to celebrate. Within seconds, everybody on the team received the message and it was wonderful, because we were all able to meet. The key is that nobody was left out.”

Happy parents, players and coaches mean happy repeat customers. And the reasons are many.

“Our solutions improve the experience for administrators, coaches, players and parents,” says RecClix’s Finnegan. “Everyone gets the information they need, when they need it.  I had a Dad – who’s a busy Doctor – tell me how he came out of a meeting and was hurrying to get to his son’s tee ball game.  When he grabbed his phone, he had a text from RecClix letting him know the game had been cancelled. He said last year he would have rushed out of work, gotten to the field only to find there was no game.  With the RecClix message, he was able to wrap things up at work and then head straight home.”

Programs that communicate are seen as well-organized and well-run. That leads to happy parents, players and repeat customers.  John Trkla, the founder of RecClix says, “Our biggest fans are the parents.  They know they are going to hear about any changes to their kids schedules.  It’s one less thing for them to worry about.”

By the way, the biggest complaint administrators get – poor officiating!

RecClix is the world’s leading provider of web-based communication solutions for club and travel sports organizations, schools, and park and recreation districts. For more information on its unique line of services that are revolutionizing organized athletics for administrators, coaches,  parents and athletes, visit or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Original Source;  Sportsmans