Xist Fitness Helps With Those Six-Pack Abs


Xist Fitness Helps With Those Six-Pack Abs

by Joyce Bench

Strength training, fitness straining, weight loss, workouts, those six-pack abs that we all want – these goals can all be accomplished at Xist Fitness.


Yes, there are a ton of workout centers across the land; but, there is only one name that is consistently coming up everywhere – from street corner and office conversations to Twitter and Facebook conversations – that has proven to offer the best in fitness and training.


Xist Fitness is not the normal fitness center. What most see in the back of their minds when thinking about a gym is the uncomfortable feeling they get when joining up with one. People want to lose weight, get fit, and stay in shape in order to live longer and healthier lives, and they need the services and high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment that Xist Fitness provides them.


Before finding Xist Fitness, many turned away from their gym membership because of that uncomfortable feeling. But with this newXist fit style of gym, more and more are coming in the Xist Fitness doors because of the ‘best environment they’ve ever seen in the fitness/gym industry.’


Xist Fitness has everything when it comes to equipment, and has the best staff when it comes to providing help and support to the client. This is not an environment that makes you feel awkward or self-conscious, because of the literal team spirit and support that the staff provides.


When it comes to those six-pack abs, Xist Fitness can also help turn those from a fantasy into a reality. And here are some tips when it comes to working out in a healthy way, in a healthy environment, and getting those abs in the process.


Many choose the high-endurance workout. Although these are fine, a quick massage should also be added into the program so that muscles can recover faster. There are a gross of studies out there where young, healthy men were put through extremely strenuous workouts. After completing a week of such workouts, the effects of massage on muscles were found to aid two specific genes in the muscle cells. The first gene decreased inflammation caused by exercise, and the second gene turned up production of mitochondria in the muscles.


Massage actually speeds up muscle recovery, which means a man or woman can stay in shape, do the workout they want to do, yet also keep their muscles intact so that there are not far more painful problems down the road.


In order to reach the goal of the six-pack abs, that massage is important. But what is also equally important is to have a carbohydrate strategy in place.

Although cutting carbohydrates completely will help you lose weight, and fast, carbs are still extremely necessary for your brain to work properly. By taking away carbs all together, you will feel completely lethargic and not be able to throw yourself into the workouts 100%. A balance of a few carbs in the morning and a few right after the workout is over will be the perfect amount.


Fats are necessary. And, no, fat content doesn’t make you fat – eating too much of the food is what does you in. Fats will actually curb hunger because it takes the body longer to break them down. And fats are also necessary to balance the testosterone and massive amounts of energy in order for the body to function.


And the one tip many will not want to hear (or even agree with) is an actual fact. Cardio can be set aside for weights or circuit-training. More muscle will be made, and you need that muscle growth stimulation from weight training that you can’t get from cardio.


Use these tips and work out 3-4 days a week at Xist Fitness in order to get the body you want and the six-pack you’ve been striving for. Combine your weekly routine with ‘5-star’ relief from MassageLuXe, and you will have the ultimate workout regimen.




Source: Baret News Wire